A Rare Coin Investing Guide for Beginners


Investing in rare coins can be a bit complex if you do not perform comprehensive research before starting. If you are serious about making rare coin investments, then be aware that arming yourself with the right information can help you obtain your desired rate of return. You should also remember the following tips since they will help beginners succeed:

1. Research extensively. Note that this tip does not force you to transform yourself into a rare coin expert. What you need to do is strengthen your knowledge about the basics of identifying the potential value of a rare coin. In most cases, a rare coin series can be expected to increase their value if there are a lower number of minted coins in that specific series during the year. If the coins in your chosen series are in great abundance, then their value can be anticipated to be lower. Aside from getting a clearer idea about the real value of the coin, it is also crucial for you to gather information about the specific condition of the market where your coins belong. You also need to figure out its future projected value and its potential buyers.

2. Examine the present condition and the authenticity of the coin. This is necessary when attempting to invest in the most valuable rare coins. You have to personally examine the coin to find out if it is still in excellent condition before you invest in it. You can easily examine it for holes, scratches and dents. You also need to determine the mint date, legend or inscription, portrait or device and mintmark of the coin before buying. You have to closely examine the coin for defects since undetected ones might only cause you to deal with lower investment returns. It is because the coin’s present condition plays a major impact in either decreasing or increasing its worth.

It is also crucial to check the authenticity of a rare coin before buying since counterfeiting and forgery are widespread in the market. To ensure that you get the most genuine one, consider buying a coin from a dealer who can show an authenticity certificate. This can give you peace of mind and a hundred percent assurance that you are actually investing in the real thing.

3. Know that there are still risks in rare coin investing. Remember that it would be impossible for you to make investments while exposing your financial portfolio to absolutely zero risk. As a potential investor, you should prevent yourself from thinking that this industry has a means of completely averting risks that frequently affect traditional investment vehicles and stock market investments. Note that rare coin investment only guarantees reduced risk, not zero risk. This investment still comes with risks so you have to fully understand what these are and where these usually come from. By understanding potential risks in this kind of investment, it would be easier for you to develop the most suitable plan of action.

4. Check out price history. Price history which refers to the specific amount used to sell the rare coin in the past is essential if you want to succeed in rare coin investing. Note that plenty of rare coins presently come with accurate price charts. Request your chosen dealer to show you a copy of this chart before making your investment. You need to follow this tip because this can help you in judging the price of the item while also allowing you to obtain a reasonable guess regarding the specific direction of the coin and its value after a certain period or during inflation.