Shortwire started as a hobby, as I was trying to put together my thoughts one night. I’m a financial professional with a considerable amount of experience—yet I had trouble verbalizing a concise approach to organize one’s financial plan-of-attack. In other words, I felt like I was a poser.


I don’t know if it’s cheesy to have a mission but I think it keeps me on topic. Shortwire’s mission is to provide discussion [not advice] on financial subjects. These range from forex markets to ETF products and cover everything in between.

It’s my belief that having a “mission” helps keep me on topic. After all, if you wanted to read about what someone had for breakfast I’m sure there’s a foodie blog out there that’d be way better than anything I could offer. I’ve eaten 2 boiled eggs for breakfast for the last 20 years.

Reader Input

I won’t lie: this website will continue whether you offer input or not. I won’t pretend that its every reader’s duty to contact me and let me know their thoughts. Unless I hear otherwise I assume nobody is going to find any revelations here worth taking the time to use the contact form.

If, for some bubble-busting reason you need to let me know what you think about Shortwire you can use the contact form. It’s free but I’ll see whatever email address you want me to reply to. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a list of email addresses so no worries on me selling those.