Conducting Secure Financial Transactions Thru Online Banking


Online banking has been around for around a decade now but there are still people that have no idea how to do anything. Did you know that you can check your statement, pay bills and even request a loan through online banking ? You do now and it is very quick and simple to do.

Logging into Online Banking

This is what gets most people worried, how are they meant to log into online banking? Depending on your bank will depend on the process but most of the time it will include entering your online banking number along with set digits from your chosen password. By only entering a few numbers or letters from your password you are limiting the chances of anybody seeing what you type if they are looking at your keyboard. These characters you are asked to input will also change every time you log in so it will be harder to find a pattern.

Paying Bills or People with Online Banking

This is a popular part of online banking. People like to be able to handle all their finances from the comfort of their own home rather than going into their branch. Handling cheques can cause problems because they can be intercepted in the mail ; cheque fraud was at an all time high before the common use of online banking because it was so easy to change a couple of digits. This has helped support the use of paying money through your online banking since all you need is the account number and sort code of the person you are paying. Many banks also track business accounts so you can find their details through the website and pay them securely.

Checking Your Statement

When you log into your online banking account, you will see a list of all the different accounts that you have with that particular bank. Many will also show if you have anything else with them, such as loans and credit cards. You can easily check your statement for all of your accounts by clicking on the account links; you will usually see an up to date statement depending on the time that you check.

Requesting a Loan

All banks will provide loans but the majority of the time you need an account with the bank to request a loan. One of the simple ways to prove this is to request your loan through your online banking. There will be links from your online banking page for you to request the loans and input all of your details. Sometimes the details will be taken from your online banking but there will be some that the website will not be able to take, such as all your outgoings and your incoming. The process is quick and easy and you can find out in minutes if you have been accepted. The best thing about applying through internet banking is that you will usually receive the money into your bank account within two hours of being accepted for the loan because you ticking the box to agree to all terms and conditions can be held up in a court of law, just like your signature on paper forms.