Safe and Secure Banking – Online Banking Due Diligent


With the growing use of phishing emails and phone calls, there is the constant question of whether online banking is safe or whether you should start to thinking about finding a different form of banking. Of course, with anything there are benefits and problems but it is important to find which outweighs the other.

Online Banking can Suffer from Hackers

One of the main problems with anything on the Internet is the growing number of hackers. This is when a computer system is broken into and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. Most of the time this is from poor passwords and it is often that people are given the advice of putting letters, numbers and special characters in their passwords to keep them safe. This can easily be done with the use of a simple word. Take the word ‘password’, this can be turned into a strong, harder to crack word: p@s5w0rd. Of course, using this is not advisable since it a very common word that hackers will check.

Phishing Emails are still a Problem

Another common problem is the use of links in emails. When Internet banking first became a popular form for banking, there were a number of people attacked by believing that an email was from their bank account. This has been made known through banking websites and through the media to help people but there are still people who are caught out in phishing attacks. What you should remember is that a bank will never ask you to click a link; they will ask you to visit your online banking if there is a problem.

Banks have Become More Diligent

Over the years banks have realized the problems of Internet banking. To get into your account you will have to pass numerous security measures and usually not a simple ‘insert your password’. Many ask you to input your date of birth and digits from an already decided security word or set of digits. Others have actually gone the route of using your debit card to access your account. These are things that only you can do or only you will know. Banks also have a lot of encryption through each page, which has been considered very difficult to crack; it is not as easy as you see in your favorite movie on the television.

You can Tell if a Site is Secure

Web browsers have helped with showing you that a website is secure through the use of the closed padlock in the bottom right hand corner. This is available on most updated versions of many web browsers that are available. If you hold your mouse over it, it will even show you just how secure it is; usually 128 bit. This is what you want to see if you are ever going to pass over your credit card details or any other financial data to ensure that the only person who will receive them is on the other end of the line.

If you are worried about any activity that has happened with your bank then there is help at hand. Visit your branch or telephone the fraud department and they will be happy to check the activity on your account. This is not just available for Internet banking but for any type of banking.