Solar is the Future of Residential Electricity


According to the Clean Energy Authority solar is fast becoming a large part of the nation’s energy mix as solar continues it robust growth. Solar installations increased in 2012 by 76 percent over the previous year. The momentum is on the side of solar, despite the grid’s best effort to slow down its growth. Both 2011 and 2012 were record years for solar, and it appears this steam roller will continue well into the foreseeable future.

The solar industry has matured and growth was seen in all segments of the market. The utility solar industry saw the most growth, and residential grew at a strong rate too. However, solar utility growth will not last forever as more of these large plants are completed, residential solar will continue to grow for years to come.

According to Renewable Energy World the President is likely to press Congress to pass a $2 billion green energy research fund paid for by the oil and gas companies as a way to reduce the nation’s addiction to fossil fuels. If this bill passes it would help develop new solar technologies that will make solar panels even more effective than they already are. While the oil and natural gas companies will not like the bill, it is time they jumped on the green bandwagon, because fossil fuels are last century’s energy sources, solar represents the future.

One reason residential solar has grown so rapidly over the last couple of years is innovative zero down solar panel leasing offered by Leasing has opened up solar to the middle class which continues to be gripped by the economic downturn. Solar panel costs keep dropping at a time when the grid is raising rates. In addition, net metering which allows homes to sell their unused electrical power back to the grid allows homes to save thousands in electric bills. reports that Walmart recently installed solar panels on two of its stores, and is committed to becoming 100 percent energy self-sufficient. While this might not interest those considering a residential solar panel installation it is important that companies embrace solar as well as homes, because this ensures the green movement will keep growing. As companies, schools, and residents continue to install solar panels costs will only come down further.

Walmart knows that going solar will reduce their energy expenses, and they are very aware that this also portrays them in a positive light, and homes that follow Walmart’s lead can expect to save thousands of dollars in future electric bills. Moreover, Walmart’s solar panels will eliminate the equivalent of 1,152 car CO2 emissions off the road every year. Since greenhouse gasses have been linked to climate change and acid rain this is a significant development.

In conclusion, all segments of the solar industry grew by leaps and bounds in 2012, and it was a record year. The President is trying to nudge Congress to pass a $2 billion clean energy research fund, financed by the oil and gas industries to reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. Zero down solar leasing, net metering, low solar panel costs, and the government’s continued support ensures that the future is bright for solar, and as a result, homeowners can save thousands in electric bills.