The Benefits of Investing In Palladium


When it comes to investing in precious metals, many men and women prefer it to other investment assets. This is because precious metals are able to retain their high value even in times of economic turmoil. This is because their worth is based upon their supply and demand, and not reactive to market expectations.

When people choose to invest in precious metals, they either purchase gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Not a lot of folks are aware that palladium can be a very good investment, but it is one of the most valuable precious metals available.

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a rare precious metal that is silvery white in color and resembles platinum. It’s named for the epithet of the Greek goddess Athena. Palladium is mined from deep within the earth’s crust from such locations as South Africa, Canada and Russia. In 2007, Russia was the top producer of this metal, with a 44% world share in palladium.

The precious metal has a beautiful luster and is extremely shiny. It is also extremely soft and flexible.


Due to its many unique characteristics, palladium is used in a variety of industries. The largest use for this metal is in catalytic converters. When it is finely divided, palladium is able to form a versatile catalyst that speeds up hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions. It is also used for highly selective chemical transformations.

The second most popular use for palladium is in electronics and the manufacturing of multilayer ceramic capacitors. Palladium is used as electrodes in these machines as well as connector plating in other types of well known consumer electronics.

The metal has been used in jewelry since 1939 and is a popular alternative for white gold. This is because the naturally white color requires no rhodium plating. Palladium can also be molded into thin leaf forms, as thin as 100 nm. It is one of the three most popular metals used to make white fold alloys and is more expensive than nickel gold and seldom causes allergic reactions in its wearers.

Palladium is also used in photographic equipment and hydrogen storage.


When people choose to invest in palladium, they can purchase different kinds of bullion. Palladium is available in bars, leaves and coins.a