Why Now is the Time To Switch To Solar Energy


The need for renewable energy sources is not a new thing, but it has become more dire recently.  The effects of using fossil fuels as an energy source have become quite apparent, and they are certainly not ideal.  Global warming is just one of the many issues being caused by CO2 emissions, and the sooner clean energy sources are implemented, the better off everyone will be.

Although the current environmental problems facing the world today can certainly be nerve-wracking, people can take solace in the fact that there are solutions and there are people doing their part to put them into use.  It is important to remember, however, that everyone must do their part in order to accomplish any real, significant change.  It can be difficult to convince a large group of people to do something, even if they know that it is for the best.  Switching to solar power is showing people first-hand that there is a viable option.

Most people view solar energy as an alternative energy source, but it is time for that to change.  When the choices are between a clean, free, limitless energy source or finite pollutants that are becoming more and more expensive every day, there really is no contest.  Fossil fuels may be the standard choice because they have been around longest, but them becoming a thing of the past is long overdue.  This flawed way of generating electricity is no longer the only option, or even a reasonable one.

Clearly it has become necessary to start switching to a better option.  In order to encourage people to do so, the state of California has implemented a number of rewards programs that make switching over to solar power much more enticing than ever before.  Even at full price, home solar energy systems pay for themselves many times over.  However, factoring in the government tax credits, rebates, and other offers, homeowners can stand to cut the initial costs in half.

Another exciting benefit that solar users can take advantage of is net-metering.  This essentially allows homeowners to sell their excess solar power right back to the grid.  On extra sunny days or on days when a household hasn’t used much power, that extra power will actually wind the meters backwards, resulting in a negative balance at the end of the month.  Some homeowners are even able to use those checks from net-metering to pay for their monthly equipment bills!  It is possible for homes that receive a good deal of sunlight to actually be financially self-sustaining!

Another excellent way to make solar power an even more savvy investment is to go through a company that has financing plans that help things to fit under budget.  For example, Verengosolar is a solar company that offers $0 down leasing plans, monthly installment options, and other various coupons, rebates, and incentives.  Verengo Solar works with each customer to make sure that they are receiving the best possible system for their money.  They also help to make sure that the transition is not a financial burden.

Solar power is an all-around positive thing.  It saves homeowners a great deal of money, helps to cut down on living costs, the solar industry has created hundreds of thousands of jobs, and meanwhile it is also helping to save the planet!

Understanding why now is the time to switch to solar energy at home is the first step towards a better future.  The decisions that people make can have long-term benefits, or they can continue down the road to destruction.  Right now the people of Earth are at an important crossroads, and it is up to everyone to do their part to ensure that the right path is chosen.